Address Capture and Parsing Web Flow Template



This Web Flow template collects an address with the place search input control and parses its components to auto-populate the address fields. This application can be further tailored for a customized experience from Activity Builder.

Address Capture & Parsing Web Flow template components

Address Lookup Page

  • Six Label controls indicating the user with what information to fill each input field.
  • A Place Search Input component for users to locate a place or address.
  • Five Text Input components for users to enter the following information:
    + Address lines 1
    + Address line 2
    + City
    + State
    + Postal Code.
  • A Continue Button control that runs the Continue Event.



The Address Lookup Web Page has the following Variables saving the information and choices of the user:


  • address_lookup
  • address_line_1
  • address_line_2
  • state
  • postal_code
  • city


  • location
  • location_results


The Continue Event is created as a web flow event and it contains the address Variable of type Any. In Journey Builder, an action or a node can be added to it to continue the application’s path.

Use Cases

  • Allow app builders to collect and parse users’ locations through the app.