AirData Insert Record Data Flow Template



This Data Flow template has one main Data Operation with pre-configured components that allow app builders to insert or update records in AirData by passing data from a Web Flow to this Data Flow.

In Connections Builder, Data Flow templates can be found with pre-populated sample data. However, to meet the requirements of their Journey, app builders should perform the necessary adjustments, such as selecting a different App Object or adding other Data Ops.

AirData Insert Record Operations

This Data Flow contains three main parts:


The Start pane keeps track of the inputs required by the Data Flow. 

  • No sample inputs

  • App Object: Identity - created in AirData Builder, to perform the Airdata request on. Even if this App Object comes by default, app builders should select the one that is appropriate.
  • Payload: INSERT - to add up data to the object and save it.
  • On conflict: Existing: if the object inserted does not meet the criteria of the constraint and this is set to 'existing', when run, the data operation will run as successful but it won’t insert any rows.
  • Objects to insert or update: array of the App Object to be inserted or updated into AirData. This reflects the inputs of your selected App Object.
    + Sample inputs: First name, Last name, Email
  • Run Results: AirData Variable of type Any that is automatically created to hold the results of this Operation.


The End step is where variables from the Data Flow can be used as an output.

  • Sample Return Value: AirData of type Any

Use Cases

  • Allow app builders to insert or update records in AirData.