Authenticate with API Web Flow Template



This Web Flow template has pre-configured components for app builders to authenticate users by having them enter their username and password and pass that to an authentication API. From Activity Builder, this Web Flow can be tailored for a customized experience.

Authenticate with API Web Flow template components

This Web Flow contains an Authenticate Web Page with the following components:

  • A Label control with the title.
  • A Label and a Text Input control for users to enter their name.
  • A Label and a Secure String Input for users to enter their password.
  • A Label indicating the number of attempts that shows up when login fails.
  • A Label indicating that the maximum number of login attempts was exceeded that shows up if that is the case.
  • A Container with a Login Button control that runs the Authenticate Event.



This Web Flow has the following Variables saving the information and choices of the user:


  • password
  • user_name


This Web Flow has two Events:

The Authenticate Event is triggered by the Login Button control and includes the following Variables:

  • password
  • User_name
  • Attempt
  • ma_attempts

In Journey Builder, actions or nodes can be added to this Event to extend the application’s path.

The Max Attempts Exceeded Event is ready to be used and includes the following Variables:

  • user_name

Use Cases

  • Allow app builders to perform a simple username and password authentication to connect to existing APIs.