Collect Net Promoter Score Web Flow Template



Collect Net Promoter Score is one of the Web Flow templates within the Customer Experience category.  This Web Flow template has pre-configured components that ask users how likely they are to recommend their experience using a scale from 0 to 10.

Collect NPS Web Flow template controls

This Web Flow contains an NPS Web Page with the following controls:

  • A Label control displaying the main question.
  • Button cell controls presenting numbers 0 to 10.
  • Text Area controls based on two conditions:
  • If the user clicks on any number from 0 to 9, a Text Area control shows up for them to complete explaining how their experience can be improved.
  • If the user clicks on 10, a different Text Area control shows up for them to provide the reason why they chose the highest score.
  • A Submit feedback Button that runs a NPS Collected Event.



This Web Flow has two Variables saving the information and choices of the user:


  • NPS
  • Feedback


The NPS Collected Event contains the NPS and Feedback variables. In Journey Builder you can continue the application’s path by adding an action to the Event or adding a node to the Journey following the Event.


Use Cases

  • Collect information from users of your application to assess how likely they are to recommend it and why.
  • Automate feedback and connect it to other systems.
  • Get real-time analytics about your application.
  • Understand your users’ level of loyalty, recognize weak spots and improve performance.