Collect One-Time Payment (Multiple Methods) Web Flow Template



Collect One-Time Payment is one of the Web Flow templates within the Payments category. 

This Web Flow template has pre-configured components to collect payments using different methods, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, among others. It also presents users with each platform’s terms and conditions and allows them to enter their signature.

It can be used to build an application just as it is or it can be further tailored for a customized experience from Activity Builder.

Collect One Time Payment Web Flow template controls

This Web Flow contains two Web Pages with the following controls:

Collect Information

  • Label controls prompting users to complete the payment.
  • A Container displaying the amount and currency of the operation.
  • A Credit Card control including the following:
    + Payment
    + Successful
    + Failed
  • A card number input field
  • A card expiration date input field
  • A card verification code input field
  • A Submit Payment Button control that runs three Events:
  • A Label control displaying an error message if payment status is FALSE.

If the payment cannot be processed, the error message will indicate users to try again. Once the transaction is complete, users are directed to the next Web Page.


Thank you

  • A Label control thanking the customer.
  • An Image control.
  • A Continue Button control that runs the Payment Completed Event.



The Collect Information Web Page includes the following Variables saving the information of the user:


  • amount


Both Web Pages broadcast Events that work at a session level. In Journey Builder you can continue the application’s path by adding an action to these Events or adding nodes to the Journey after them.

  • Payment
  • Success - allows transition to Thank You Web Page
  • Failed
  • Payment completed


Use Cases

  • Collect one time payments that are processed by a platform of your choice through a Journey.