Communication Channel Opt-in Web Flow Template


This Web Flow template has pre-configured components that capture communication preferences. Users can choose between phone, email and SMS as their preferred channel as well as choosing no preference at all.

Communication Channel Opt-in Web Flow template components

This Web Flow contains a Collect Info Web Page with the following components:

  • Label controls displaying the title and the text for each input field.
  • A Phone Input control.
  • An Email Input control.
  • A Dropdown List with channels of communication for users to pick one.
  • A Container including a Checkbox control and a Label control for users to check if they want to receive updates.
  • A Submit Button control that runs the Contact Info Captured Event.



This Web Page has four Variables


  • customer_cell_phone


  • customer_email


  • opt_in


  • customer_preferred_channel


The Contact Info Captured Event contains the above mentioned variables. In Journey Builder you can continue the application’s path by adding an action to the Event or adding a node to the Journey following the Event.


Use Cases

  • Allow users to select among the channels of communication presented by the app builder.