The Place Data Type is used to store location data, commonly from a Map Control.  As the Map Control's behavior is to save the app user's geo-location, an app builder can create a Place variable to store this data for future access. A Place Data Type Variable can also be used to store location or data from a Place App Object or from an external source.

There is no-redefined schema for Place Variables as they may contain as little or as much information as required by the controls that are bound to it:

For example, this Place Variable has addressComponents:

    "latitude": 37.4285713,  
    "longitude": -122.1434025,  
    "formattedAddress": "200 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA",  
    "addressComponents": {  
      "address": "200 California Ave",  
      "city": "Palo Alto",  
      "state": "CA",  
      "zip": "94306",  
      "country": "US"  
  "identifier": "<identifier>",  
  "name": "200 California Ave",  
  "icon": ""  

 This is also a Place Variable:

  { "latitude": 37.42854870000001, "longitude": -122.1420041 }