Product Picker Web Flow Template


This Web Flow template has pre-configured components presenting a list of products or services with illustrating images for users to select from.

Product Picker template components

This Web Flow contains two Web Pages with the following components:

Example Selection

  • A Label control displaying the title.
  • A Dropdown List control presenting the main product or service categories.
  • A Show Products Button control with the following  Actions:
    + A Condition based on the category the user selects in order to show the products or services corresponding to it.
    + A Navigate To Web Page action that takes the user to the Product Picker Web Page.


Product Picker Page

  • A Label control displaying the main question.
  • A List control containing a Button Cell control for each product or service.
  • Button Cell controls, each with a Label and Image of a product or service, that run the Product Selected Event.



This Web Flow has the following Variables saving the user's choices:

Example Selection Web Page


  • product_example

Product Picker Web Page


  • selectedService


The Product Selected Event contains the productSelected Variable corresponding to the product or service the customer chose, which is created as a web flow event. In Journey Builder, the application’s path can be continued by adding an action to the Event or adding a node to the Journey following the Event.


Use Cases

  • Present the user with a list of categories from which to select a product or a service.
  • Automate the process of buying or requesting a product or service.