Simple Cell


The Simple Cell web control is a Container. that can be used to seperate elements on a Web Page or to add Controls to the List Web Control

Control Details

There are no unique properties within a Simple Cell web control. 


There are no actions associated with a Simple Cell web control. 


Simple Cell has the same styling and theming capabilities as a Container. Theming can be used to define variants to be used for multiple different Simple Cells, but all style overrides will be displayed on each element of the Checkbox Cell in the List.

Example 1: A Simple Cell used within a List Control to display data

organizing infoorganizing info

Add a List Web Control to a Web Page, and then a Simple Cell. Inside the cell, add an Image and a Label Control. If the data on the List contains a List of Objects, the data from the List of Objects can be accessed inside of the Simple Cell via the item namespace.