The Location Data Type is used to refer to a specific location. The Location Data Type is important when leveraging Maps within an application or the Place Search Input Control. In order to use the Location Data Type, a Place Object has to be created in AirData first since the Location Data Type does not come created out of the box. Locations can be used for pin pointing a specific address, getting the latitude and longitude of a location, or getting a user's current location

The Location Data Type has the following properties:


The latitude value of a location. 


The longitude value of a location


String that contains a friendly readable address of the particular place. Typically referred to as a postal address. 


Parsed output of the formatted address, consisting of the address, city, state, zip code, and country. They can be used to get specific address fields. 


Unique ID of the specific location in the Google Places database.


The name for the specific location. For example if the address is matched to a park, then the park name will surface under the name property. (4 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215 -> Fenway Park)  


URL of a recommended place icon which can be displayed to the user.