Yes/No Question List (Airscript Dynamic List)



This Web Flow template has pre-configured components that help app builders when they create a dynamic Yes/No List. The template is dynamic and the questions can be added in the action chain on the web flow.

This Web Flow can be further tailored for a customized experience from Activity Builder.

Yes/No Question List (Dynamic) Web Flow template components

This Web Flow contains one Web Page with the following components:

Yes/No Questions

  • A Label  text explaining the functionality of the Web Page
  • A List containing Simple Cells for type of Questions and Answers
  • A Container with a Submit Button inside.



The Yes/No Question List (Dynamic )Web Page has no Variables


Questions Completed

  • This event is triggered on the submit button.

Questions Completed Event Variables: 

  • question_and_answer_list


Use Cases

  • Present app users with a Yes/No Question List form, get the answers and capture them, and then continue through their Journey.