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List Web Control

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The List Web Control is a repeating element for display a collection of data. It can be used in input forms or to display data. The List Web Control iterates over a variable list, displaying a cell for each item on the list. Lists can use Button Cell Web Controls, Simple Cell Web Controls, Checkbox Cell Web Controls, or Radio Cell Web Controls to hold each item in the list.


Control Details


This is the list of data. Each item in the list will have its own cell.

Item Name

By default: item. This property is used within the context of each cell as the current item.

Index Name

By default: index. This is the number value of the current index of the current item. Visible within the context of the cell.

Collection Name

By default: items. This is a variable referring to the entire collection of objects. With the default values set up, items[index] = item


Because Lists are a generic container, they can work with any of the cell types:

Each of these cells will have slightly different characteristics. Please review the cell pages for specifics on each of them.


Example 1: Simple House List

A simple list containing the list of houses a service manages:


Create a list control on the page. Populate a list of Houses. Set the data to the list of houses. Add a simple cell and populate the cell with the title and image of the house.

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