The Send Email Data Operation The Send Email Data Operation

The Send Email Data Operation

Zack Cohen Zack Cohen


The Send Email Data Operation sends an email every time the data operation is run. It is configurable to be received by many parties and has many standard email features.


Use Cases

  • Sending a confirmation email at the end of a scheduling flow.
  • Sending out a link to a web flow for a customer to complete.
  • Sending a customer a receipt at the end of a transaction.

Data Operation Properties


This is the from address in the email format. It must be a registered email integration with your app in Configuration Builder. If the user replies to the email, and no Reply-To address is provided, this address will be used.


A Text or List of Text that indicates who the email should be sent to. It may be one or more email addresses separated by a comma if simple text. If a list of text, each text item can either be an email address or a group of email addresses separated by a comma. To addresses are considered the primary recipient of the email.


Cc stands for Carbon Copy. A text or list of text indicates a list of addresses that should be copied on the email. It follows the same pattern as To addresses. Cc and To emails will receive the email the same way, though the practice is to use Cc to keep others in the loop and To to be the primary recipients.


Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy. A text or list of text indicates a list of individuals to receive the email, but that will not be known to the people in the To or Cc fields. It is blind because the intended recipients do not know that these addresses are receiving a copy.

Reply To

A text or list of text that indicates a list of addresses a reply will be sent to. If a user responds to the email sent, this address will receive the response. If none is provided, the original From address will receive the reply.


A text value that indicates the subject to be used on the email. 

Body Text

Email can be presented in two different formats, HTML and text. This is the text version, only plain text can be used, and it will be rendered as standard text in the program that renders the email. Because not all readers support reading HTML, it is good to provide a text version of an email, even if an HTML version is preferred.


The HTML formatted text to be displayed in the HTML section of the email. It is not required to start with a doctype or header. 


An Asset or List of Assets. The files associated with each asset will be attached to the sent email.

Further Reading

For more information on the email format, check out RFC 2822. For a higher-level discussion on using the Send Email Data Operation, check out Sending Email from Airkit

To learn how to collect email addresses from users, check out Secure Text Input Web Control.

For more information on attachments, check out Working with Assets in Data Operations.