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Text Area Web Control

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The Text Area Web Control captures a longer amount of text than the Text Input Web Control. It is used to capture longer sentences or paragraphs.




In the General Tab of the Inspector section, the Text Area’s Control Properties and Style can be defined.

Control Properties

Placeholder Text

The text that is displayed in the input’s box until the user starts typing.

Advanced Control Properties

Maximum Length

Determines the maximum number of characters for the input. 

Show Remaining Characters

This property is a checkbox. When checked, it lets users see the remaining characters while typing.

Data Binding


By default, this Data Binding property auto-generates a Variable of type Text at the Web Page level to store the data from the input. 

Users can also edit the Data Binding property and create their own Variables.



Style and theming

This component has style Variants for the following states:

  • Default - When first rendered without a state.
  • Disabled - When the Text Area is disabled.
  • Focused - When the Text Area is focused.

Most Web Controls have a common set of styling properties. You can also learn more about different layout scenarios and tips.


In the Actions Tab of the Inspector section, the Text Area’s actions can be defined.

Value Changed

It gets updated with each typed character. That is, with a text input, the Value changes every time a key is pressed, unlike a checkbox, where its Value changes when the box is selected.

Please check out Action Builder to find all the available actions.


In the Advanced Tab of the Inspector section, the conditions under which this Web Control is visible can be defined by setting a specific parameter.

Is Visible

The Is Visible property is a conditional field, which allows you to show or hide the field depending on whether the set condition is met. The condition will always evaluate to a boolean.

Example 1:

The Text Area input can be used when asking App users to leave comments: