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Image Web Control

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Image Web Control can be used to insert images into a web page.  This control is found under Media when adding a Web Control.


Control Details


Used to specify a link to the desired image or media file. Airkit will accept an image URL or Asset URI.  By default, a stock image URL is inserted that should be replaced.

Advanced Control Properties

Alt Text

Allows the app builder to insert alternative text to the image. This text will be displayed to the app user if the image cannot be displayed.  For more information, see the following MDN article.

Is Visible

This allows the app builder to set conditions as to whether the image is visible.  This field expects an expression that evaluates to either a True or False.   If the value is True, the image will display, otherwise it will not. By default, images are visible unless otherwise specified in this setting.



Images can be styled with these controls. For more information, see Common Style Properties of Web Controls.


Adding an image of a car to a web page.


After creating an image within the app, change the URL property to the image URI of an image you upload in Media Builder.

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