Radio Button List Web Control Radio Button List Web Control

Radio Button List Web Control

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A Radio Button list is a repeating component that allows the user to select only one item from a list. This differs from a checkbox list that allows for multiple items to be selected. This differs from a dropdown list in that the items are all visible at all times.


Control Details


The selected option. Since only one can be selected, this should be the same type of item.


This is the list of data. Each item in the list will have its own item on the radio list.

Value Text

If provided, this is the value stored in the selected item, provided in the Selected argument. The entire item will be stored in the list when selected if not provided. 

Note: Because of the way radio lists are constructed, it is possible to modify the text in Value Text and have the checkbox still be selected even if does not match the item value.


This is an OPTIONAL expression that can be used to determine if an item should be selected.

Note: that only one item may be selected in a radio list at a time. If you modify the value text and set a Selected condition, then your radio cell might not be selected when clicked.

Item Name

By default: item. This property is used within the context of the checkbox cell as the current item in the cell.

Index Name

By default: index. This is the number value of the current index of the current item. Visible within the context of the checkbox cell.

Collection Name

By default: items. This is a variable referring to the entire collection of objects. With the default values set up, item[index] = item

Radio Cell

Radio Cell is the default container within the Radio List and comes with all Radio Lists. Within the radio cell, the selected item can populate the information to the user. If a radio control is placed within the radio cell, it will be selected when the item is selected.


Example 1: Simple Radio List

A simple radio list with a label:


This radio list can easily be created by inserting a Radio List. Set the value of the selected object (in this case, type). In the Data Binding section, set the Data to the collection. 

This default example will take care of the selection. No additional properties are required on the Radio Cell, nor are any actions needed to maintain the selection. The radio list will maintain it. 

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