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Place Search Input Web Control

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The Place Search Input web control can find locations by address, returning a formatted address and location point to display on a Map Web Control.  The default behavior for this control is to search the Google (Maps) Place Autocomplete API to return a list of suitable addresses.


Control Properties

Placeholder Text

Text to placed into the search input until the user enters text.


Location Object (type) that can be entered as the point around which to retrieve place information. The important properties within the Location Object are the lattitude and longitude values.

Search Radius

Distance, in meters, within which to preference the search for place results within a specified distance (in meters). Inputting this value instructs the Google Places API  to prefer showing results within that circle; results outside of the defined area may still be displayed.

Place Type

A string representing the type of place based on the available place types found here.  Inputting this value restricts the types of places that can be returned.

Search Type

Selects the style of search. At the time of writing, only autocomplete is supported.

Rank By

Changes how returned search results are ordered. The two options are:

  • Prominence: where search results are ordered by their prominence according to Google
  • Distance: where places are ordered by their distance from the set Location

If no Location has been set, search results will be ordered by Prominence, even if if Distance is selected.

Data Binding

The variable to which the Text value of the Place Search Input is stored.  By default, a variable named place_search_input is created automatically with the creation of a Place Search Input Control and set as the Data Binding



Actions here will be triggered upon user selection of a Place.

Value Changed

Actions here will be triggered upon the text value entered by the app user changing. Each character change of the user's input is recognized as a value change.

Search Results Changed

Actions will be triggered upon the returned search results changing based on the user's input, only after a Place has already been selected by the user as indicated by actions being triggered under the Changed trigger.


A simple Place Search Input control:


User text input returns Places from the Google Places Autocomplete API.

Further Reading

Place Search Inputs are often used in conjunction with the Map Web Control.