Log a Call (Salesforce) Data Flow Template



This Data Flow template is made up of two Data Operations that allow app builders to keep track of calls by logging them as a task in Salesforce. This is achieved by connecting with the integration and then passing data to this Data Flow to create a record in Salesforce and save the call details in it as a task. 

In Connections Builder, Data Flow templates can be found with pre-populated sample data. However, to meet the requirements of their Journey, app builders should perform the necessary adjustments, such as adding other Data Ops.

Bear in mind that in order to use Salesforce as a datasource, credentials must be set in Settings > Integrations to connect the corresponding account.

Log a Call Operations

This Data Flow contains three parts:


The Start pane keeps track of the inputs required by the Data Flow. 

  • Sample Inputs:
    + contact_id Variable of type Text
    + agent_id Variable of type Text
    + call_datetime Variable of type DateTime
    + subject Variable of type Text
    + description Variable of type Text

  • Datasource: Salesforce
  • Operation: Create record (Create a new record in Salesforce)
  • Object Type: Task (Task)
  • Object Body:
    + Name ID (Whold)
    - contact_id
    + Subject (Subject)
    - subject
    + Status (Status)
    - Completed (Completed)
    + Due Date Only (ActivityDate)
    - Airkit expression using the CONCAT function to format DateTime
    + Call Type (CallType)
    - Outbound (Outbound)
    + Assigned To ID (OwnerId)
    - agent_id
    + Task Subtype (TaskSubtype)
    - Call (Call)
    + Description (Description)
    - description
  • Run Results: sf_task_result output Variable of type Any that is automatically created to hold the results of this Operation.

  • Transform Expression: task_id_results.results.id - Airscrit expression to retrieve the task id
  • Output Format: Variable
  • Type: List of Text
  • Run Results: task_id output Variable of type List of Text that is automatically created to hold the results of this Operation.


The End step is where variables from the Data Flow can be used as an output.

  • task_id Variable of type Text

Use Cases

  • Allow app builders to log a call in a Salesforce record.