Send Web Flow Link Chat Bot Template



Send Web Flow Link is a Chat Bot template within the Web Flow Integration category. 

This template has pre-configured components that allow app builders to send users a web link via SMS from where they can schedule an appointment. 

It can be used to start building an application and then combine it with other KitCloud templates. It can also be further tailored for a customized experience from Activity Builder.

Send Web Flow Link template components

This Chat Bot contains a Decision Menu with the following components:

Greeting and Link Decision Menu

  • A text inviting the user to visit the company’s web page which includes:
    • An Expression component displaying the company’s name.
    • A Web Link component directing the user to the company’s website.
  • An Initiate Appointment Event that is triggered before sending the chat prompt and has the active_session Variable as Input.



This Chat Bot has the following Variable saving the information of the user:


  • active_session


The Initiate Appointment Event is a Chat Bot event that contains the active_session Variables of type Any. In Journey Builder, an action or a node can be added to it to continue the application’s path.


Use Cases

  • Allow app builders to send users a link to their website via SMS for them to schedule an appointment.