KitCloud brings pre-configured and customizable templates to the Airkit Studio. Templates within KitCloud can be used as building blocks to accelerate the development of app building and are available across web flows, voice bots, chat bots and data flows.  


Templates range across all different channels from capturing customer information from a basic form, collecting payments via Stripe, sending a user a text to allow for SMS opt-in, and much more.  When building with templates, they can be used as out-of-the-box solutions but should more so be a starting place to be further tailored for a customized experience. 

A template can be added to a journey wherever adding a web flow, voice bot, chat bot, or data flow is possible. Whether it is in Journey Builder, Web Builder, or Connection Builder, KitCloud is accessible across the Airkit studio.

To add a web flow template when first creating an application, select a journey starting event in Journey Builder. Then click on the '+' icon next to the starting event and select Navigate to a Web Flow. This will bring up a modal to select web templates from. Once a template is selected, the web template can be viewed and modified in Web Builder. 


KitCloud provides the starting points when building an application. It is aimed at providing a way to create commonly used actions more reusable and accessible. As KitCloud continues to grow, the faster it becomes to build out applications and build great customer experiences. 

Available Templates

Web Flow Templates

Customer Profile

  • Address Capture & Parsing
  • Capture Customer Info
  • Email Mailing List Sign-up

Customer Experience - Measure CSAT & NPS

  • Contact Us
  • NPS
  • CSAT


  • One Time Payment
  • Collect Payment


  • Email Verification with one-time password
  • Authentication


  • Collect and Verify Email Addresses


  • Scroll, Accept, Sign
  • Communication Channel Opt-in


  • Speech Bubble
  • Upload a Picture
  • Social Media Button Icons
  • App Store Button Icons


  • Order Summary Page
  • Product Picker


  • Three ButtonCell Prompt
  • Yes/No Questions List (Static)
  • Yes/No Questions List (Dynamic)
  • Vertical Progress Stack

Training Flows

  • Repeater (static)
  • Fixed Footer
  • Weather Lookup

UI Controls

  • Multi-select checkbox list (static)
  • Single-select checkbox list (dynamic)
  • Single-select checkbox list (static)
  • Radio Button Cell (static)
  • Button Cells
  • Drop-Down Ctonrol
  • Signature

Voice Bot Templates


  • Decision Tree - Touchtone Menu
  • Decision Tree - Voice Keyword Menu


  • Schedule Appointment Voice Bot

Chat Bot Templates

Web Flow Integration

  • Send Web Flow Link


  • SMS Opt-in

Data Flow Templates


  • USPS Address Verify
  • Lookup City & State by Zipcode
  • Lookup Timezone by Zipcode


  • Airtable Delete
  • Airtable Query
  • Airtable Update
  • Airtable Create

Data Processing

  • AirData Delete Record
  • AirData Insert Record
  • AirData Find Records
  • Basic Transform
  • Transform With Query

Data Requests

  • Basic HTTP Request
  • HTTP Request With Form Data

Security & Encryption

  • Encrypt Content with PGP
  • Generate One-Time-Password Code


  • Complete a Task
  • Create a Task
  • Find a Contact by ID
  • Find a Task by ID
  • Find a User by ID
  • Log a Call


  • Create Ticket
  • Attach Image to Ticket
  • Close a Ticket
  • Find All Tickets

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