Embedded External Content (Container) Embedded External Content (Container)

Embedded External Content (Container)

Leo Ng Leo Ng

The Embedded Container Control allows an App Builder to embed external websites within their applications. It should be noted that in many cases, external websites will not display correctly within the application in a User's browser due to CORS or other security mechanisms employed by sites to prevent content being embedded externally.



This feature is intended for App Builders to embed sites which they have control over so that the necessary security mechanisms can be set to allow Airkit to embed the desired content.

It should be noted that the embedded content is set within a Sandbox iFrame.  This means that the embedded content cannot communicate to the web page or the rest of the Airkit application.

Control Properties


Sets the title property of the iFrame.

Source URL

The URL of the desired webpage to display.


Is Visible

Evaluates an expression to determine whether the Container is displayed.  If evaluated to TRUE, the Container will be displayed, if evaluated to FALSE, the Container will not be displayed.

Further reading

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