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Scheduler Web Control

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Use the Scheduler Web Control to schedule a time for a user.  The Scheduler web control is tied to a calendar to available slots and be restricted to prevent violations like TCPA using the Calendar Restriction property.

Control Properties


A string mapping to a calendar key to use as a restriction. Restrictions will work with the calendar property selected only to allow times that fit into both calendars. This is useful for things like TCPA.


The first day from today that the user can schedule an appointment.


The number of days into the future, the user can schedule an appointment.


This is the base calendar to use for events. The Calendar is a dropdown of available calendars to your app.


A Schedule AirData App Object to store the selected results of the scheduler. Create a schedule object in Data Builder.


Default text to be showing in the time slot section if no times are available on the selected day.


Determines how much of the calendar to display. Options are:

  • 1 week - Display seven days at a time.
  • 2 weeks -Display fourteen days at a time.
  • 1 month - Display the entire month.


Value Changed

This is triggered when the user selects an available time slot. The event.value is the selected time slot with a start_time and end_time datetime value set. 


The Scheduler Web Control is a compound web control. The individual components are stylable by selecting them under the Scheduler Variant in the Style section. Each item will have a pop-out with available styling options.


Schedule a Conversation:


Add a scheduler component to a web flow. Select a Calendar Option in the Scheduler section. Select a layout of 2 weeks. If desired, create a Schedule Object and set that to the Schedule property.

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