Schedule Objects

A Schedule Object is a type of App Object with a pre-defined structure intended to capture all relevant information pertaining to a scheduled appointment. Schedule Objects are used in tandem with a Scheduler Web Control; when a Schedule Object is associated with a scheduler, all relevant information collected by users from the scheduler will be automatically inserted into that Schedule Object in AirData.

A Schedule Object must contain the following six properties:

  • session_id -Text that indicates the Journey that the appointment is associated with. This corresponds the Session ID (designated automatically assigned as a session-level variable at the start of each Journey.
  • start_time - A DataTime that refers to the beginning date and time of the appointment.
  • end_time - A DataTime that refers to the ending date and time of the appointment.
  • recurrence - A Number that indexes the block of time selected for the appointment. Count begins at 0 and on the first occurrence of a potential appointment window, as defined by the Time Slots that make up the Availability Schedule tied to the associated Scheduler Web Control.
  • calendar_event_id - Text that serves as an identifier for the Time Slot (as defined in the Calendar Builder – note that this is not the same as the selected block of time which is indicated by recurrence) that defined the selected appointment block.
  • calendar_id - Text that serves as an identifier for the particular instance of Scheduler Web Control used to make the appointment. This becomes particularly relevant in cases a Journey contains multiple schedulers associated with the same Schedule Object.

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