Activity Group Events

Activity Group Events are can be initiated anywhere throughout a specific Activity Group. Activity Groups include individual Web Flows, Chat Bots, and Voice Bots: Web Flow Events, Chat Bot Events, and Voice Bot Events are subcategories of Activity Group Events. For example, Activity Group Event tied to a Web Flow is a Web Flow Event.

Activity Group Events are used to encapsulate meaningful, reusable Action Chains that can be used throughout an Activity Group.

Working with Activity Group Events

Activity Group Events are created in the Web Flows Builder, Chat Bots Builder, or Voice Bots Builder, depending on whether the Activity Group Event is associated with a Web Flow, Chat Bot, or Voice Bot. To create a new Activity Group Events, click on the '+' icon to the right of the relevant Activity in the Tree and then selecting Event from the menu that appears. For instance, to create a new Web Flow Event, navigate to Web Flows Builder, click the '+' icon next to the relevant Web Flow, and select 'Event':


Once created, Activity Group Events will be found nested under the relevant Activity Group the Tree. Double clicking on them will open them for examination in the Inspector. Clicking on the Actions tab opens the Action Inspector Tab; this is where you'll build out the Action Chain that you want to associate with your Activity Group Event. Under the General tab, you can also define variables that the Activity Group Event will expect as input, allowing you to pass input to the Event for use in the downstream Action Chain.

Event Variables

Information passed to an Activity Group Event as input can be accessed within the associated Action Chain by referencing the event namespace.

As an example, consider the "Contact Info Captured" from the Capture Customer Info Web Flow shown above. To access the value given for first_name within the downstream Action Chain, you would need to call on:


or simply


because the event namespace is implied when working in Events.