Place Objects

A Place Object is a type of App Object with a pre-defined structure intended to capture all relevant information pertaining to a specific location and store it for future access. Place Objects are typically used in tandem with a Map Web Control or to leverage the Place Search Input Control.

Place Structure

A Place Object must contain the following six properties:

  • latitude (number) - indicates the latitude value of a location. 
  • longitude (number) - indicates the longitude value of the location.
  • name (text) - the name for the specific location. For example if the address is matched to a park, then the park name will surface under the name property: 4 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215 -> Fenway Park.
  • identifier (text) - unique ID of the specific location in the Google Places database.
  • formatted_address (text) - string that contains a friendly readable address of the specific place. Typically referred to as a postal address.
  • icon (text) - URL of a recommended place icon, which can be displayed to the user.

Application of Place Objects

To create a new Place Object, go to AirData Builder and:

  1. Click the '+' icon to the right of the App Objects section in the Tree.
  2. Select Add Place from the menu.

Place Objects are used in tandem with a Place Search Input Control, automatically saving a location to AirData.

Reference a Place Object variable as you would any other object, using dot notation to reference individual properties. For more details and examples on how use dot notation, see Path Expressions.

Example Place Object

    "latitude": 37.4285713,  
    "longitude": -122.1434025,  
    "formattedAddress": "200 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA",  
    "identifier": "<identifier>",  
    "name": "200 California Ave",  
    "icon": ""