Place Objects

A Place Object is a type of App Object with a pre-defined structure intended to capture all relevant information pertaining to a specific location and store it for future access. Place Objects are used in tandem with a Map Web Control or to leverage the Place Search Input Control.

Place Structure

A Place Object must contain the following six properties:

  • latitude (number) - indicates the latitude value of a location. 
  • longitude (number) - indicates the longitude value of the location.
  • name (text) - the name for the specific location. For example if the address is matched to a park, then the park name will surface under the name property: 4 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215 -> Fenway Park.
  • identifier (text) - unique ID of the specific location in the Google Places database.
  • formatted_address (text) - string that contains a friendly readable address of the specific place. Typically referred to as a postal address.
  • icon (text) - URL of a recommended place icon, which can be displayed to the user.

Application of Place Objects

To create a new Place Object, go to AirData Builder and:

  1. Click the '+' icon to the right of the App Objects section in the Tree.
  2. Select Add Place from the menu.

Place Objects are used in tandem with a Place Search Input Control, automatically saving a location to AirData.

Reference a Place Object variable as you would any other object, using dot notation to reference individual properties. For instance, to remind users where their appointment will take place:

    "latitude": 37.4285713,  
    "longitude": -122.1434025,  
    "formattedAddress": "200 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA",  
    "identifier": "<identifier>",  
    "name": "200 California Ave",  
    "icon": ""  

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