View Data in Activity Explorer

The Activity Explorer provides a way to view the Events that are fired by each application and diagnose issues. The Activity Explorer surfaces every Session that occurs in a published application and logs every Event within that Session. Each of these Events can then be drilled into to get additional data. 

Activity Explorer Dashboard

The Activity Explorer dashboard surfaces all Session Events in a centralized location.

To get to the Activity Explorer dashboard, go to and navigate to the Activity Tab of the Console.

To dive deeper into individual Session, click on a Session instance. This will open up the Activity Summary. The Activity Summary view provides a way to see errors that occurred as well as a chronological view of the Events that were fired throughout the Session. 

The Activity Summary consists of three tabs:

  • Info - Summaries the Session.
  • App Preview - Displays an Event Log Viewer and State Viewer, configured analogously to how the appear when Previewing an application.
  • Timers and Expirations - Tracks the Timers that were set throughout the Session.

Filtering and Sorting on Summary Fields

Activity Explorer has the ability to add filters and sorting on any of the fields that are surfaced in the dashboard. Filters make it easier to pinpoint what data should be shown on the dashboard and allows users to key in on the Session that are important.

To add a filter on a specific field, go to Activity Explorer and click on the filter icon. Filters can also be added for a specific field by selecting the dropdown on the field column as well.


Click on the '+' icon to select a column to create a filter on. Then, select the filter operation. The Filter operations include:

  • Has a value
  • Does not have a value
  • Is any of
  • Is not any of
  • Equals
  • Does not equal
  • Starts with
  • Contains Text

This screenshot below shows how to create a filter to show all Sessions with the Status of the Session equal to 'Closed'. Click on Apply to create the filter.

organizing info

Additionally, to sort the logs in Activity Explorer, click on the sort icon to add sorting and select a column to sort on.

organizing info