Editing an Application

To edit an app, access your Organization and select it from the list. A few options will be displayed on the right side of the screen, select Edit in Studio.

If you were the last person to access the app, you can edit it directly. If another user edited last, you will see the following message:

organizing info

Click on Dismiss to access the app and keep on editing it.

Possible repercussions

If two users are editing the application at the same time and you try to save your changes, the following message will be displayed:

organizing info
  • By clicking on Cancel, your changes won’t be saved allowing the other user to continue editing and save their changes.
  • By clicking on Override, your changes will be saved overriding those changes made by the second user.


Given the possibility of overriding changes made in an application, it is not recommended to have two users working at the same time on one application.