Scheduling and Follow-Up App

Part I - App Overview

This tutorial covers how to build a web app that collects contact information from users, prompts them to schedule an appointment, and then invites them to submit feedback after their appointment is over. Throughout the process, it will schedule and send a variety of reminder and follow-up Notifications, all of which are TCPA compliant. Check out this tutorial if you want to learn more about:

  • Digital scheduling
  • Timers and reminders
  • Automatic outreach and TCPA compliance
  • Creating and managing multi-Step Journeys


This tutorial assumes some basic familiarity with the contents of Your First App (A Simple Form). If you haven't gone through that tutorial yet, we recommend you do so before proceeding.

Here are the parts of the Airkit platform that you will be working with:

For a demonstration how this application will work once we're finished, check out this video: