Setting up Periodic Tasks


Periodic Tasks provide a simple way of scheduling Data Flows. This way, users can define when and how often a specific Data Flow should be run within the App.

Setting up a Periodic Task

From the Connection Builder, Periodic Tasks can be set up by clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to Periodic Tasks.


This example will use a Periodic Task to regularly send account managers a report with the App’s CSAT survey results.


In the inspector, select the a Data Flow to be scheduled. In Period, set the scheduling criteria and in Time Zone, select the corresponding time zone.

The Period input expects a cron schedule expression. For help with cron schedule expressions, see

Once created, the Data Flow will run at 10, Chicago time, every Monday.

Formatting the Period of time

In order to set the frequency for a Data Flow to be run, the five ‘*’ characters should be replaced in Period following this format:

  • The first * corresponds to the minutes
  • The second * corresponds to the hour(s)
  • The third * corresponds to the day(s) of the month
  • The fourth * corresponds to the month(s)
  • The fifth * corresponds to the day(s) of the week

You can also use special characters or non-standard values to make a more accurate call:


Tracking logs

In the Stage section when editing a Periodic Task, you can see a log of all Periodic Tasks that have been run. 

Further Reading

For more information on data flows and how to create data flows for periodic tasks, see below:

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