The AirkitWebSDK (simply SDK for short) is a versatile tool that streamlines the process of embedding your Airkit apps into your existing websites. Unlike out-of-the-box embeds, using the SDK to insert your Airkit apps into your website provides far more customization options regarding your iframe's appearance and how it interacts with your embedded environment. Two of the most notable advantages of the SDK are:

  • It comes equipped with a full-screen mode for mobile devices, which is particularly important when incorporating an Airkit app as a web pop-over.
  • It allows information to be easily passed between Airkit and the embedded environment, allowing the embedded app and the embedded environment to communicate context changes. See Passing Data to get started.

To get your first Airkit application inserted into an existing web page, go through the SDK Quickstart. This walks through how to get your Airkit application inserted into your webpage using the fewest possible steps and fewest possible lines of code.

Once your application is configured to be inserted into to your website, you can customize its appearance directly in your website's HTML. Configuration provides a complete list of the variables that the SDK can parse. For some examples of how to apply these configurations, see Configuration Examples.