Managing data locality

Airkit provides Realms for customers to have complete control over data locality of their data.

What are realms?

A realm is a top level organizational construct - no data is shared between realms. This means apps, data, integrations, keys, users, custom roles, and all other organization controls are completely separate, by design.

Supported Realms

At present, we offer the following options:

  • US-West-2 : United States of America
  • AP-Southeast-2 : Australia
  • EU-Central-2: EU (Germany)


Note: While Airkit will not move your data or application outside of the defined realm, your developers have internet access and can call APIs globally; the realm restriction solely constrains where the Airkit resources are located. Additionally, Airkit applications can service customers globally from any realm, this only controls where the Airkit server side processing and data storage occurs.


You can ensure that your data stays within the EU based on where your Airkit Organization is provisioned. When an Airkit organization is provisioned, you have the ability to select a realm for where your data resides. If you select an EU realm, your data will stay within the EU-Central-1 AWS region. Please note that as a developer you have the ability to call APIs and copy data globally, the realm constraint ensures that Airkit will not move your data or processing outside of that region.