Building the Database

You just created the UI of your Contact Form. Now, let's created a means to store contact data once its collected.



Creating the App Object in AirData

To save the information in the app, an App Object has to be built in AirData Builder.

  1. From AirData Builder, click on App Object.
  1. Rename the new data object as Contact. Click on the '+' icon next to the recently added object and include the fields that you need. In this case, it’s going to be a Text type, for the name and company fields; a Phone type for the phone number; and an Email type for the email address. 
organizing info
  1. Double click on the App Object as well as on the fields to rename them. We recommend using lower case. 
  1. Finally, save the app to run a migration and create the AirData Table where the information will be saved later on.

You've just created your first AirData App Object. Contact information collected from users can be stored here.

What’s Next

Next, connect the Web UI to the Database and finalize your app.