Creating a Stripe Integration

Stripe is a payment processor. In order to collect payments from users, it is possible to use a Stripe Integration to collect funds. The Stripe integration requires a Stripe account. 

Getting The Stripe Key

Log into a Stripe Account. On the dashboard menu, make sure that the Viewing test data toggle is on. This will enable the configuration of a test stripe connection.

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Select the Developers option just above the toggle. Select API Keys from the developer menu. Ensure that the Test Data toggle is switched in the upper right. Click the button to reveal the secret key. Copy the key.

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Creating the Integration

Log into Console. In console go to Integrations > Connected Accounts. Click on the New button in the top right corner. Select type Stripe from the dropdown list.

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Give the Stripe Integration a name that will help identify the account it is tied to. It is possible to do multiple Stripe Integrations. This is particularly useful for a development and production level key. Paste the copied key from the Stripe Account into the API Token box. Save the integration.

Configuring an App to use the Integration

Go to an App. Click on Settings. Scroll down to Integrations and select New.

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Select Stripe from the dropdown under Adapters. Select the created Stripe Integration created above. Now it is possible to select this Integration in the Credit Card Web Control.