Airkit Works Seamlessly with your Existing Assets

No matter what materials you've created and established as part of your brand, it's easy to incorporate them into your Airkit apps. Right out of the box, Airkit provides a plethora of tools that make it possible to integrate your established assets into an app within a matter of minutes. 

Customized logos, images, and audio can all be uploaded directly into your Media Library.

Airkit's Media Library allows your apps to access every component piece of media that makes up your unique branding. With all your existing graphics and audio files in one place, you can use them in tandem with Airkit's Web Builder to create customer journeys that follow existing style guides or to simply play around with novel ways to ways to use your existing material. If there's an image (or arrangement of images) so core to your brand that you want it present on every web page, add it to your App Header, and it will appear on every web page automatically.


You can work with any font you've come to associate with your brand, even if they're one-of-a-kind, created exclusively for your use.

Airkit comes with many of the most popular fonts pre-installed, though you're not limited to the classics: Airkit lets you upload as many fonts as you want, whether it's one created especially for your company or whether you just happened to make a font out of your own handwriting on a whim.

There's no limit to how these fonts can be mixed and matched. Maybe you want a particular font to be exclusively associated with a particular button, or maybe you want your headers, input boxes, and error messages to all stand out from each other drastically. Whatever your use case, Airkit's Web Builder provides an intuitive interface that allows you to customize your fonts and see the results of your changes as you make them in real time.


Whatever phone numbers or web domains you've set up to ensure credibility and consistency, your Airkit apps can use them.

Your Airkit apps are yours, and they're associated with your web domain and phone numbers just like any of your other apps. You control the URL that links to each web app you publish in Airkit, and you control the phone numbers that your apps use to send and receive both calls and text messages.

Storing your URLs and phone numbers all in one place allows for consistency. If part of your branding depends on a particular set of phone numbers or a particular area code, you can use them here. If you've already told your customers to call a specific number, you can connect that number to a Voice Bot and standardize the experience of anyone who calls it. And if you want all of your apps associated to a particular web domain, Airkit can support that.

(Though if you haven't yet standardized your company phone numbers or web domain yet, don't worry – Airkit makes it easy to test out different web domains and phone numbers as well.)


Bench: A brief case study

Bench Accounting recently used Airkit to create a customized web-based signup flow. 90% of their app was built directly by their marketing team, and it was completed in less than a month. Crucially, the final product contained all of their branding requirements, including their brand colors, their custom font, and their brand logo (which appeared on every page).


Whatever existing assets you want to include in your apps, Airkit can streamline the process. It's fast, it's easy, and it helps you make the most of the material you already have.

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