Integrations and APIs


Airkit provides the ability to connect to your data, either through built in integrations such as Salesforce, or other external systems through custom integrations. These integrations enable users to query or transform data from events within an Airkit application and send data to your existing systems. For example, if you are looking to create an application to capture information for a support ticket, you can push data from Airkit to Zendesk or any other external systems you are able to set up an integration with.  These integrations are extremely useful when looking to extend the capabilities of platforms that you already use today.  Below are some guides on how to get started with connecting to your external systems. 

This article covers setting up authenticated integrations and setting up custom integrations.

After setting up integrations, how can we use those integrations to perform outbound requests with Data Operations. 

Airkit can also receive inbound requests either though App APIs or subscriptions (web hooks). This article will go over best practices around pushing data to Airkit as well as configuration steps for subscriptions and App APIs.

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