Release Cadence and LTS

Release Cadence and Long Term Support (LTS)

How often does Airkit release new versions?

Airkit works in an agile manner to release new features and improvements. It is common for us to push minor changes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and major versions on a quarterly basis.

CXR Upgrades

The Customer Experience Runtime (CXR) powers Airkit applications, and is released in minor and major versions. If a new version is released, you'll be prompted to upgrade your app, if you wish.

Upgrading and republishing your app is recommended for in-development projects and any projects that wish to use the latest cutting-edge features.

For more on upgrading your app, please see the CXR Migrations article in the Help Center.

Long Term Support (LTS)

Every quarter, we release a major CXR version to signify a milestone version update. These are stable runtime versions that are best used for production applications and in-development projects that will be live before our next major version release.

Please see the Release Notes section for more details on major and minor releases.