Airkit provides two ways to embed your Airkit apps into your existing digital portfolio of websites, portals, and storefronts.

The first is through the AirkitWebSDK (or simply SDK for short). This option provides the most opportunity for formatting customization, and also provides the capabilities to incorporate the passing of data between the Airkit app and the embedded environment. Using the SDK is the most versatile option, and the one we recommend using.

The second is through out-of-the-box embeds. These are technically simpler but far less versatile. We are currently in the process of pivoting away from these embeds, with the goal to depreciate them by August 2023. If you are creating a new embed rather than maintaining an old one, we do not recommend using an out-of-the-box embed to construct it.

Regardless of whether you're using the SDK or an out-of-the-box embed to insert your Airkit app into your existing web page, the process of creating a secure embed is the same. See Creating Secure Embeds for more details.