Standard Journey Data

Every Journey automatically records standard data about the interface being used to access the application. This includes things like the timezone associated with the device and the dimensions of the web browser (if applicable). Standard Journey Data is collected in five different namespaces:

  • browser
  • session
  • journey
  • profile
  • channels

The data automatically collected here can be used throughout a Journey to further customize the application flow for each device and user.

Standard Journey Data

Browser namespace

VariableVariable TypeDescriptionScope Availability Additional Notes
browser.widthnumberDevice width in pixelsWeb OnlyThese variables can be used with some Airscript to dynamically change styling components
browser.heightnumberDevice height in pixelsWeb OnlyThese variables can be used with some Airscript to dynamically change styling components 

Session namespace

VariableVariable TypeDescriptionScope Availability Additional Notes
session.idstringThe unique Airkit-assigned Journey identifierGlobalThis identifier (or a customer identifier) is necessary when creating App APIs
session.timeZonestringTimezone of the users deviceWeb OnlyThis is useful to enable TCPA
session.localestringLocale of the users deviceWeb OnlyThis provides you a sense of the users language. This can be helpful if you are building a localized experience.
session.start.queryParamsobjectQuery parameters added to the end of a web linkWeb OnlyQuery parameters can be added to the end of a web link and accessible to the builder. For example if you have the web link, you can access the id through

Journey namespace

VariableVariable TypeDescriptionScope Availability 
journey.currentStepIdstringThe unique, Airkit-assigned Journey Step Identifier corresponding to the current Journey StepGlobal
journey.metadataobjectA series of key-value pairs, where keys correspond to all Journey-relevant Step Identifiers and the values correspond to the assigned names of each Step.Global
journey.totalStepsnumberThe total number of Journey Steps associated with the applicationGlobal

Profile namespace

VariableVariable TypeDescriptionScope Availability authentication type of the current profileGlobal authentication method of the current profileGlobal
profile.base-domainstringBase domain of the current profileGlobal
profile.canvas-link-lengthnumberLength of the link of the current profileGlobal
profile.canvas-titlestringTitle of the current profileGlobal
profile.datastoreobjectDatastore for the current profileGlobal
profile.encryption-keystringKey encryption associated to the current profileGlobal
profile.environmentstringEnvironment of the current profileGlobal
profile.localestringLanguage and timezone for the current profileGlobal
profile.oauth-configurationobjectOAuth configuration of the current profileGlobal user authentication of the current profileGlobal
profile.session-expiration-timeobjectExpiration time of the current profileGlobal

Channels namespace

VariableVariable TypeDescriptionScope Availability Additional Notes
channels.web.urlstringThe unique URL to the customer’s journey. GlobalCan be included in SMS to transfer customers from SMS to the Web Channel
channels.voice.identifierstringThe user's phone numberGlobal (After Actor Configuration)
channels.message.identifier stringThe user's phone numberGlobal (After Actor Configuration)
channels.web.connectedClientslistStores when a client connects to the sessionGlobalList of clients connected to the session
channels.web.connectedClients.ipAddressstringThe client IP addressGlobal
channels.web.connectedClients.connectedTimedateTimeThe client connected timeGlobalclients connected to the session


channels.web.canvasLink Deprecation

In CXR v18.0, channels.web.canvasLink has been deprecated and being replaced with channels.web.url.

Additional Configuration Variables

In addition to the Standard Journey Data, theme variants and configuration properties are also available using the theme and configuration namespaces, respectively. We recommend exploring namespaces in App Preview to further see the available data.