Scheduling & Reminders Scheduling & Reminders

Scheduling & Reminders

Ismaen Aboubakare Ismaen Aboubakare

Integration to External Calendar Systems

Airkit has the ability to integrate to external calendar systems. This article will cover how to integrate an application with Google Calendar and also how to generate an .ics file from the scheduler control. 

Journey Specific Timers & Reminders

The Start Timer action is useful for kicking off events or actions based off a value change or other events in a Journey. This article shows how to use timers to send reminders to users based off their selected appointment window. 

Using the Scheduler Web Control to Reschedule Deflected Calls

This article covers how to use the Scheduler Web Control to allow users to selected specific time slots, and also goes over how change the behavior of an application based off of specified operating hours. 

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