Airkit Makes it Easy to Keep Branding Consistent

Airkit apps are endlessly customizable. Out-of-the-box tools provide fine control over every aspect of each web app's appearance, from the shape and color of every button to the presentation of every word. However, just because it's possible to make each individual feature of each individual web app unique doesn't necessarily mean that you'll want to, or even that you should – a consistent appearance is, more often than not, a key component in establishing a brand. With Airkit, this consistency is easy. Whether you have an existing style guide or you've just happened to find a something you like by merit of playing around with the Web Builder, Airkit streamlines the process of reusing layouts, styling conventions, and logo placement, so that all the crucial parts of your branding come out exactly the way they should, every time.

Creating an App Header ensures your company logo – or anything else you'd like – appears on every page of your application.

With the functionality provided by Airkit's App Header, you can frame the content of each app with a header and footer that consistently appear on every page of your application. These headers and footers can be as simple or as complex as you like: they might consist of only a single image, like your company logo, or an elaborate combination of text, graphics, and animations. Create a header and footer combination that's standardized across every single one of your apps, customize the framing of each individual app, or do some combination thereof. (It's easy to make small modifications to established headers and footers, so it's easy to make a series of apps with frames that differ only slightly – perhaps in a section of text specifying the name of the app.) Customers will never forget what app they're using, and, more importantly, whose app they're using.

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Theme Builder allows you to set custom defaults for your app so that every new element you add (as well as each existing element) automatically matches your brand.

Airkit's Theme Builder provides a way to make stylistic changes that apply across your entire app. It works by allowing you to customize default appearances. For instance, if you modify the color of the default button variant, your changes will be applied to any future buttons you add to your app as well retroactively: any existing buttons previously styled according to the old default will immediately take the form specified by the new default. This allows for consistent branding throughout the entirety of each user's journey, and it also makes it easy to see how different combinations of colors, fonts, and graphics look together. Each change you make in the Theme Builder is immediately reflected in the web canvas of the Web Builder, so you can experiment with different stylistic conventions and decide what works best for your particular app.

Once you've finalized a theme, either by experimentation or by copying an existing style guide, you can apply it to other apps simply by saving it as a JSON and uploading it into another app's Theme Builder. Now you can automatically apply styling conventions that are both standardized and customized to all of your apps.

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