AirData App Objects AirData App Objects

AirData App Objects

Zack Cohen Zack Cohen

AirData App Objects are a way to group sets of variables together to create a more complex object. Each object in an AirData App Object is addressed by a text string and can contain any Airkit Variable Type including other AirData App Objects.

Defining AirData App Objects happens in Data Builder. Creating an App Object is as simple as clicking the + button at the top of the Tree. Select App Object. Rename an App Object by double-clicking the name in the Tree and editing it.

Here is an example of a simple app object with four properties.


By clicking plus icon on an App Object, additional properties can be added to any app object. Any supported Data Type can be added. Rename a property by double-clicking on it in the Tree.

Once defined, an App Object can be used as a type anywhere a variable can be declared, such as on a Web Flow, Web Page, or in a Data Flow as an input or variable type.


Expression Editors in Card and Card Views also have the added benefit of including some type inference allowing for autocomplete with properties of strongly typed App Objects.


Hitting tab in this instance would complete the teacher property of firstName.

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