This appendix outlines the contents introduced in the process of building your first app and provides some links to more in-depth documentation. Return to this document any time you want to review the fundamentals of how to build in Airkit.

Airkit Studio

When you first create an app, you'll be automatically taken to Journey Builder

In the Journey Builder, you can:

  • Indicate how your Journey is triggered
  • Define the Steps that make up the application's Journey
  • Define what Web Flow each Step begins
    • If there are no Web Flows to select from, you can create a new one

To build or edit a Web Flow, navigate to Web Flows Builder

Web Flows Builder is where you can:

Web Controls serve as small UI building blocks.

The appearance of each Web Control is highly customizable.

  • Modify them individually, under the "Style" section in the Inspector
  • Make app-wide changes to Variants using Theme Builder.

Web Controls can be associated with Events and Actions.

To store and structure data, use the AirData Builder

The AirData Builder is where you can define AirData App Objects

To use and modify data, use the Connections Builder

The Connections Builder is where you can: 

  • Construct custom Data Flows out of component Data Operations
    • Data Flows connect the UI of your Airkit apps to other systems, be they part of Airkit (like AirData) or not (like Salesforce).